General Election Guide 2020

Notre Dame Votes is a nonpartisan student run organization that promotes voter education, registration, and mobilization. Our goal is to ensure that any and all people have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

Those with a Notre Dame email address have access to TurboVote services through our school's partnership with them. However, as students have run into issues in the past using TurboVote to get their absentee ballots, you may prefer to request ballots directly using your state information. The state information and website links are on every state page and user guides for the alternative options of TurboVote and Vote.org are available as well.

Keep in mind, waiting until the last minute to register, request ballots, or send in ballots may cause your ballot to not be received on time. Be sure to send in all materials as early as possible to ensure your vote is counted! We encourage you to share this with friends and family in the spirit of civic engagement.

NDVotes is proud to present the General Election Guide for 2020.

For information on how to register to vote in your state, request and submit your absentee ballot, and important deadlines, simply click on your state below!

American Samoa

District of Columbia


Northern Mariana Islands

Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands

Americans Abroad

TurboVote User Guide
Vote.org User Guide